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    Your Best Day Out With Mom & What To Wear To The Park πŸ’œ

    When I want to feel happy, I seek to remind myself as I walk around, either browsing or just looking, "Do not conceal your gratitude for gardens Lux*"
    This is due to my placing importance when I go about my day and when dressing each morning for the primary heart intends the soul course of yours and my own journey in which our decisions allow us to take a cautious review of that which we wear.

    We have been too guarded, but these clothes in our wardrobes are, as are our friends on whom we depend, the imperative design solution on which our survival and comfort depends.

    They are capable of great things, and an extended hand to make all cherished families belong is imperative as in how our sharing outgrown clothing is able to create surprise and joy when passed along.

    Our delicate union will create much pleasure for the wearer in priding our selection when closeting the splendors which we discovered when we share generously for the esteem of others is dependent on this as we once were.

    Poignant feelings draw us together, which is a beautiful gift to consider when reviewing that in your laundry goods which you have outgrown a use for or may no longer fit and as affairs take a more favorable turn like the bud to the rose in full conviction of memorization, so this granted to another will come alive a blossom of recognition in their eyes reflection.

    So as you shop and as you choose what path to take through the park or come across at the bottom of your camphor wood box, designer or not, and even cardboard houses with neatly folded clothes I believe ~ You will enjoy this flirtation with flowers.

    Look inside and find a dress silhouette like a Poppy, use the elegance of a Lilly to evoke a new neckline, a Sunflowers petals to evoke stripes and a new sparkle that fills your eyes as a child discovers a frock it has never seen before its very glance.

    Dress up today to find all you have imagined to maintain in your wardrobe. Choose rich hues and lighter shades of pale... There are layers spin layers in remembering what's back there hidden on the hanger of yesteryear and you'll not only attract butterflies, you will become one, spreading your wings and making a departure from the ordinary.


    There are heart aches and disappointments for bare earth, the willfull beauty of promise is sincerely a desireable blessing. Bring your light to the world opening flowers.

    Until the rose is full of color, intention of dress solely becoming yours, there was admiration and delight as it prepared itself for a great miracle. Charm us like an ever changing rose... Be merry, enjoy what is rich and blushing around you. You will respond to emotion and fantasy and reveal hues of no failure ~ find hope, eloquence and laughter without a thorn.

    Aspire to brighten your skies and make your road bright and designed in the uniqueness which voices your own elegance of spirit.

    There is youth & when turning up for any and all occasions our one self is to smile at our own reflection in untouched footsteps to the outfits and shoes in life all around us.

    We delight in this perfection of design at our own hand and rejoice, sip the nectar as though a passing Humming Bird and follow its flight. Dress as it inspires you, it's grace, innovation and pure heart fanned with call of the peacock and a flamingo stance.

    Give yourself the spirit to undertake the changing with the seasons. You have the powers to posses great velocity and utilizing devotion when you pick your flower begin to know that with your own tenderness & care you will also blossom to be noble and upright in your disposition.

    You alone are a wonder to place to enjoyment with your garments in the honor of making the world a more magnificent place.

    The sweetness & charm of a woman can make another world awaken and become vivid and bloom life into that which was once washed away.

    Do not let this season get away from you or chase being becoming stuck in winter. There is a useful place for all we have worn, created or seen before us. Stepping into the light will melt you to lift up in an idea of offering up a lighter laugh; the nature of the sacrifice is as satisfying as your existence and self worth is more than the riches magnified of this world.

    Gaze and you will be at peace as good will come to all those who never understands the purpose you never noticed yet impulse delivered in a brown paper package tied with ribbons to a new friend.

    You are now not even knowing ----give yourself to this Spring as you will have to have all those past dresses reconstructed but you will be perplexed as others may find you ungrateful.

    Even in receiving trust your intuition to have it just as you want it, but your changeable nature may make seem unreliable on the surface.

    Just as the garden that blossoms perfectly each season takes it time from energizing into creation by planting a specific seed you choose, take cherries in your basket to the picnic.

    Be patient and strive to listen and really best be mindful to see others in appearing breezy smiles the way gladiolas sway and you brought the tone as you imagined flowers.

    The mirror is never essential to belonging as your sleeves, hems, jewelry and pockets hold whatever-and always so therefore are as you practiced to believe into becoming perfect - found.

    Give them courtesy into allowing & envelope and surround yourself and keep acquainted with your great blessings you have earned to cover your body with in protection and adoration.

    Smile once back again and be considerate and thoughtful when dressing - the need concerned is wanting to do and not be self centered things in there wrong proportions must be altered and that is always okay as there is plenty, more or less, and we are fortunate to be seamstresses us, our sisters or mothers or another dear friend on which we may depend to install a new zip or fasten our top button.

    Let other share similar dreams and let them walk beside us in the garden with you as flowers have many friends and so your life may be more filled and the newest clothing come again.

    Value they're opinions and ideas in options for purpose and let them be a reflection of the garden she has grown as her character.

    Deep in your heart if you are true you dress will shine, then others will teach to us like the flowers to the light.

    Shine, know things change and new materials will be there to able us to reshape our new garments and place the importance of character first.

    What others think will be if greater value if one has been true to one self. Copy ideals reach for greater standards and use nature to guide you as to this you will know consistacy and will be sewn into the fabric of marvelous character and appearance .

    Invitation to capturing you by what is handed to you in thought is generously conceived and offered up is jus passing so no error can ever be made, I promise you this x

    Now, back to the original bedtime story as you ponder before on what you wear when dressing in your mind for tomorrow.....

    It's going to be a big day and you so as special to each their moms tonight use your lips on the collar to with a needle and thread.

    Lalala not like babe, but like singing softly your very own name, no mistaking it as you cover your heart as your greatest gift and receive tomorrow what you wished on a star to be the first time you gaze at the endless night xxxx be yours as it arrives to perfect actualization as what you wrote in a letter - to a foxy ghost u thought u'd lost x hey Casper ?

    Yup it's me, say hi 😏
    For real this time
    In person Ꭶ face to face right now

    Or go
    I will forget u ....
    And then you will have stolen my heart forever lost

    To have killed ur own.
    It is your turn now.
    Please show me u have grown up - come into the light where I stand - in the room 3 - 2 -1 - I'm standing up now or the candle burns out - and we blow apart or say ---
    Til we meet again

    ..... Truly - not my fault- where r u ?
    I couldn't care anymore

    I can choose someone or something or nothing - u can stay a ghost it's buried so I'm going to get my laundry clean and dry anyhow hey ... It's ready to collect bit hard if you can't choose - but u can cause u can see me doing right now - as myself - take my hand 8 -
    You gave me no choice -
    7mins window closes til I'm back upstairs in my room and lock the door to u - no window either hey - look - don't - slam .... I'm sneaking out quietly now k - I will be smoking on the front step first.

    I trust u more than anything

    Even with no idea how why - but one reason - u exist I saw u - I'm asking u to x

    Are you asleep yet?

    I look forward to tomorrow, what will you be wearing?
    I can hardly wait to see :)
    Good night!

    Sweet Dreams

    Love Lux*

    Bugs stay outside tonight, my word they do β€πŸžβ˜ΊπŸ˜˜πŸŒˆπŸ±πŸš‚πŸŒΉπŸŽβ˜ΊπŸš€


    Beautiful Bright Summer Fashion

    I Want,,,,,,, Lux Likes It PolyvoreWhether it's White Out or Boheimian Dreamin' Summer Fashion at Wasteland, We Love Lace at Papaya, or Life Aquatic at A'GACI we want it this Season!

    Wow, what a head rush! The Fashion out there makes me dizzy with life!

    What a wonderful palette of inspiration for expressing ourselves this stunning Summer.

    It is Holiday time, as school is out as the weather is just fine.

    Just sit right back and take your time to look through the amazingly gorgeous LUXLIKESIT Collection I have sourced for you in this post.

    Viola 08 Side Bow Fx Suede Mary Jane Pump ~ $26.50You will be enthralled to discover how stylishly appealing and fabric compelling these new designs are. Feminine and sensual in color and wonderfully flattering in cuts.

    They are here to bring us into the glorious life that is around us outside where it is warm and fresh and full of incredible nature.

    Find yourself in these garments and get out there to your favourite places with your favourite people. A picnic on the beach, a sunset stroll arm in arm, just sitting on the grass will connect you to the earths pulse in a magical way to help reenergize your spirit.

    As A'GACI boasts a Sudden Spike!, Metal Love and Black + White, you can stop and shop or, you could also style it up with Go Jane who promotes a Whole Lotta New with, Modern Muse, When In Rome and Second Skin looks.

    Take a vacation, own the dance floor, do yogo, get your nails done, do your hair too, why not!, take your Dad to the movies, look spectacular at parties.

    Pamper yourself with extra showers and a new set of clothes at any time you choose. Changing your outfit will defiantly change your mood and most probably for the better or you should re-evaluate your initial garment decision.

    East Village Dress ~ $42.00Put on something that makes you feel good and if you don't have anything, get something that makes you smile!

    You deserve it! Shine Summer Bright Beauties!

    Love Lux*

    P.S. Walking around LA and shopping recently I noticed that high waisted denim is really in!

    Just a tip xo
    Adina Mills Sharp Quartz Ring ~ $152

    Neon Clarity bag ~ $38.00







    Abyss Purse ~ $55.00


















    Meroz Linen Closed Toe Cork Wedge ~ $26.50Wonderful-12 Metal Disc T Strap Was ~ $22.50 Now ~ $15.99Cheap Monday Lumen Shirt ~ $75
    Widow Drop Stitch Sweater ~ $65.00
    Corso Contrast Patent Peep Toe Pump Was ~ $32.50 Now ~ $22.99Marisa 22 Crystal And Stud Toe Fx Suede Round Toe ~ $32.50Lace Back Crepe Romper ~ $36.50Cheap Monday Tight Skinny Jeans ~ $95.00Itsy Bitsy Polka Dot Molokini ~ $72.00Somedays Lovin Sun Bleached Chambray Dress ~ $102.00Tie Striped Bodysuit ~ $28


    Memorial Day Fashion SALE

    Lux PolyvoreIt's that time of year again, Sale time, and what better time to have a Sale, than when all your customers are on Holiday for Memorial Day! 

    I have recieved so many emails recently announcing great percentages off items, and then I noticed most of it was Old Season Stock..... Buyer Beware!

    If you intend on surfing the Sales this Week-end, and hey, why not, the sun is out, the waves are up and there is a sweet breeze in the air ~ Remember to analyse quickly what it is and why it is that you are buying something?

    Is it because it is simply marked down, or do you really love it? What about something you saw for full price that you adore, perhaps it is worth paying the little extra for something you prefer, or has better quality, or will be a better contribution to your wardrobe, than a throw away item on Sale.

    The Academy Blazer ~ $88 and 1969 Bermuda Short ~ $49.95 Both 15% OFFYou may be in a situation where you are able to get both OR you need to compromise. Make the decision based on what you really need. For example, there is a chic black day dress that will replace and old staple that you have lost and there is a cute tank tee with a cat wearing headphones and its adorable and on Sale........... You can buy one....... which do you choose......?

    Well, I went with investing in the staple item, the Dress, as the exact cut, style, fabric and size for a good price doesn't come around often and the tee is really a Fashion item that is cool and really much cheaper, and I could buy other things with the money left over. 

    Why did I make this decision, because when shopping I always think of my wardrobe as a whole. This is very important as it is a collection of you. Maintain it wisely and it will treat you well for all occasions, no matter your budget, if you are smart, and tune into LUXLIKESIT Blog regulary xoxoxo Love U

    I will have more wear out of the Dress and I will be able to wear it more often than the tee at this stage as I have alot of other graphic tees this summer, and yes, a number with cats on them xo HAHA

    So, have fun and enjoy this LUXLIKESIT Collection below that I have sourced for you. These are some of my favourite items and they are just for you this Memorial Day! OH, I did mention they are all on Sale didn't I?!


    What will you be wearing this Week-end? It's my Fav Denim Shorts and a Tee for me!


    Love Lux*

    1969 Bleached Western Shirt ~ $49.95 15% OFFStriped 4 In 1 Dress ~ $59.95 Now 15% OFF1969 Legging Skimmer Jeans ~ $51.99 Now 15% OFFEssential Short-Sleeve Crew T ~ $19.95 Now 15% OFFFashionista Skinny Jean ~ $10 On SALECalifornia Rainbow Tank ~ $16.90 Take 25% OFFMOLETON SKINNY PANT $12.45 On Sale 


    New Trends!

    Recently on Lux Likes It we have been discussing current trends. 

    So, what's all the hype about?

    Well, in Fashion we associate being trendy, with the synonyms, superficial, shallow and materialistic.

    What if we could bring something more out in vogue for our Fashionistas, this season. 

    Try these new ideas, trending now from LuxLikesIt.

    First, begin by letting go of old grudges in your life and in your wardrobe.

    Getting rid of garments that have a negative or uncomfortable feeling about them or you just don't like, is vital for allowing space for your wardrobe to fill up with clothing you feel positive about. Same goes with your heart!

    Chiff-On The Run Mint Green Dress ~ $37

    When we feel good wearing our clothes, we tend to look good also.

    Here's a great one, be kind to others and to your clothing.

    If you take care of your garments by following correct laundering instructions, ironing and hanging or placing them in their correct spot, they will take care of you by lasting longer and looking better for longer, as well as always being there when you need them! Just like friends.

    Kindness is contagious and makes you feel good by producing serotonin. It helps foster strong relationships with others and our clothes, important as both are with us on a daily basis and make a difference to how we feel about who we are.

    Now to make the Impossible POSSIBLE! It is an opportunity to change your life for the better when we eliminate problems. If we have a problem wardrobe it is possible to make it great and inline with who you are and how you want the world to perceive you!

    The challenge is the transformation, knowing that it is possible, makes it a whole lot easier from the start to begin..... one piece of clothing at a time. Go through your wardrobe and with each item decide how it makes you feel when you wear it. Make the change once you determine if it is positive or negative emotion and toss or keep and move forward feeling empowered.

    It is a wonderful thing to be grateful. Look at your wardrobe closely, closer.... who bought you those shoes, your Mom, who gave you money for that Dress, your Dad, you gave you your fave Tank, your Bestie. Wow! THANKS :) Who worked hard to afford that Purse, washed your clothes.... You!

    Remember to count your blessings often, and be grateful for your clothes and where they came from each time you put them on. Gratitude has been linked to happier moods, greater optimism and even better physical health!

    Planting Wishes Ivory Floral Print Dress ~ $44You can even feel grateful for the Designer and Person who sewed it together!

    Always Dream Big! You have the power to create any type of wardrobe you desire. When you open your mind to be more optimistic, and in a positive state, you're more likely to accomplish your goals. Go through your wardrobe and think about what is missing? Keep an eye out for clothing you desire in a wide range of places, from second hand shops, to garage sales! it will turn up somewhere! 

    Finally don't sweat the small stuff. If you don't have the perfect pair of Shoes for your outfit, don't worry. Change your outfit to suit a pair of Shoes you do own, or go in a pair that is close enough. Keep shopping around til you find a pair that is ideal and wait to wear the outfit then.

    Stay a la mode with Lux* and let me know how these new trends work for you and how much Happier you feel!

    Love Lux*

    P.S. Thanks to 22 Positive Habits of Happy People.

    Tricks Of The Trade Black Striped Maxi Dress ~ $73Cuts And Bolts Sea Green Top ~ $36Glad We Met Black and Ivory Striped Dress ~ $45Friendly Briar Floral Print Strapless Dress ~ $42Dior 01 Gold Chain Mail T-Strap Sandals ~ $26I'm With The Band-age Black Bandage Skirt ~ $48Tiara 1 Mint and Gold Rhinestone T-Strap High Heels ~ $40Shake Your Bustier Strapless Mint Green Dress ~ $60School Of Dot Ivory Polka Dot Dress~ $42

    Kimchi Blue Ruched V-Front Strapless Dress ~ $69Long Sleeve Windsor Dress


    The Importance Of UNA In Fashion!

    'I can't sleep'. 

    There are 'Angels at my Door'.

    All in the same 'Blue Dress'. 

    'Fading in C# Minor'.

    If I surrender I'll experience 'Freedom on Fire'.

     The Nightingale whispers in my ear, "If you listen this evening, I will be so near"

    ~ 'Words from the Songs of UNA'.

    Mesmerized by their lyrics and captivated with intrigue by their spell biding tracks, I am over thrown with the dawn.

    I am forced to step inside my own mind. Check behind my shoulder and be transported to the mysterious luxury of UNA's world.

    I am bound to hesitate - anticipate, I can see Portishead'sDummy  from here as well as Morcheeba'sBig Calm in my transcendental dream.

    The Band, upon which we stand, is UNA. 'Eclectic, multi-instrumental SoCal-based trio, that likens their distinct sound to "an experiment in Latin, blues, trip-hop and soul."' They took a journey of their own recently, and Hit 'Em Up Style! with Stylist, Devon Poer!

    Devon has partnered with the Band to, very importantly, help develop UNA's image persona and put it context for immediate audience access. In a multimedia world where we are bombarded with images, a picture speaks a thousand gigabytes. A united defining picture of the Band is key to their identification and recognition in the marketplace.

    As band member Richard states about the imperative of a strong key image in my recent interview with him- 'Having that one or two shots that say we've got a story to tell, whether it's overcoming weakness, or visioning the future. UNA is an amazing experience. We want to tell a story that liberates and strengthens, so seeing us in print before hearing UNA, or seeing us on stage, is a big part of who we are.'

    So, this brings it all back, once again to the importance of Fashion as a powerful voice in society. Richard notes, 'Some people think they are already great with their style, but we were very fortunate to have Devon Poer and Daryl Henderson on the UNA team.' Richard outlines that having an expert like Devon on the team as a Stylist is vital- 'In music, you wear so many hats. Well musicians should take some of them off and find your team to put the vision in place. So that put it in place.'

    He says of his experience in the costume department- 'The greatest gift of a Stylist is to make a nervous and venerable person feel at ease and even powerful. We received all that from Devon Poer, she is terrific!' A key note for anyone in the Styling and Fashion Industry.

    Thanks to Devon and Daryl, UNA as a Band, are 'now more aware of the power of Style and what it conveys and overcomes in our presentation. 'We always let the music do the heavy lifting, and now we have the ease that Fashion brings and communicates without words. No verbs, no pushing, just the smile, and click, it makes us relevant.'

    ...... I love to dance, feel the rhythm, the sounds of the party going on in the other room, as I lay cocooned in my room, beautiful and grotesque and all the rest of that other bug stuff'Bright lips, green eyes, black hair, She fell in love with a man so....' More from UNA, as Richard discusses and notes that~

    Fashion as well as, 'music is always changing and sometimes you have to sit out a few innings until the situation moves in your direction. So music has a life of it's own. UNA is living in a time where people don't want the heavy, they want the light and joyful. Our real world is full of distress, and preachy lyrics, just another weighty aspect to your day. Music is perceived linearly, so emotion flows like that too. UNA's style is reflected in what we wear, of course, a musical artist is always on camera, so to speak, but the creativity part develops in the dark, the studio, to the light, the stage.'

    A transparent voice of cosmic soul lingers in the air upon their scratches and back beats. Promises of touch, bittersweet and star bright mesmerizing dresses stand in a bar of divine decidance, with only a silver microphone on stage.

    Who steps into the spotlight- UNA. JUST LISTEN~ and take a look! Ha :)

    Love Lux*

    Lace Petal Sleeve DressCrochet Halter Monokini ~ $46.80Double Zip Polka Dot Millennium Short ~ $19.95Onyx 74 Crochet Bow Mary Jane Pump ~ $28.50

    Double Zip High Waist Millennium Short ~ $19.99Solid Henly Shirtdress ~ $29.50


     Mirror Floral Mini Skirt ~ $29.50
    DOE Endless Summer Mineralized Muscle Tee ~ $34.50
    Meroz Linen Closed toe Cork Wedge ~ $26.50Crepe Surplice Belted Dress ~ $32.50Floral Print Leggings ~ $9.99
    In The Zone Henley Shirtdress ~ $29.50Zigzag Peplum Combo Dress ~ $19.99Baroque Print A-line DressHigh-Low Ikat Dress ~ $22.80
    Polka Dot Georgette DressSpiked High-Low Top ~ $15.80Basic Fit and Flare Dress ~ $12.80